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Dieline 101 for Packaging

When designing custom folding cartons the term “dieline” is something you will hear a lot. It may seem like a very technical term but it is fairly simple, yet crucial, to the production of your custom-printed boxes. So, what is a dieline? 3-dimensional folding cartons are formed out of 2-dimensional sheets. A dieline indicates how the flat sheet will be cut, perforated, folded, and glued in order to transform it into a 3D product. This dieline also provides the guide you will use ... Read more

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Custom Printed Folding Cartons for the Food and Beverage Industry

TigerPress is the one-stop source with over 35 years of package printing experience. We offer beverage carriers, frozen food boxes, ice cream containers, and much more. We can make just about any type of folding carton for the food and beverage industry. The packaging for food and beverage is more than a pretty box on the shelf. The experience a customer has with your product is greatly influenced by the packaging. Questions to ask when creating the packaging for your food or beverage ... Read more

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How Custom Printed Boxes Help Your Advertising

Packaging is more than just something to hold your products. Custom packaging can also create a memorable presentation and unboxing experience for customers. Presenting your products in beautiful custom printed packaging is a sure-fire way to impress and secure their brand loyalty. Be sure to get the maximum benefits from using custom printed packaging for your products to ensure you are not missing out on potential sales. There are just a few things needed to get your custom packaging project started. Choose your ... Read more

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