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Proofing Tips

  • Summary

    Carefully reviewing your proof is the most important task required of you the buyer. Many costly mistakes are found minutes after the project is delivered. Treat this proof as if it were the finished product.

    Once the proof has been approved this will be your finished product. Here are some general guidelines:

    View the proof first next to the most recent revision. Do a quick scan looking for inconsistencies such as text flow, graphics position, and margins.
    Next take the document and do a thorough read through. Try your best to pretend you are the intended audience. If at all possible, have at least two people read the document from start to finish.
    Lastly, run through the checklist below. Check each item that applies and talk to your salesperson if anything doesn’t look right.
  • Proof ticket

    Is the quantity correct?
    Are the ink colors correct? Varnish or Aqueous Coating will be listed as well.
    Take a moment to write down the job number. If you have any questions about your job during production, using this number will speed up your call.
  • Pages

    Is the page size (flat and folded) correct?
    Is the number of pages correct?
    Are pages in the correct order?
    Are all pages identified (including blank pages for books)?
    Are the page numbers in the contents and index correct?
  • Type

    Do article continuations have the correct page number?
    Check to make sure copy hasn’t re-wrapped or dropped off.
    Are there any typographical errors?
    Are fonts correct? Pay extra attention to special symbols.
  • Images

    Are all photos, illustrations, scans, etc. at the proper size and placed in the correct position?
    Are logos positioned accurately?
    Is the logo size correct?
  • Color

    Are ink colors correct?
    Are color breaks correct?
    Is the color satisfactory?


  • Margins

    Are margins consistent?
    Do margins allow for special binding or folding?
  • Reverse type:

    Is reverse type large enough to avoid plugging on press?
  • Folding:

    Is the proof folded correctly?
    Are the folds marked? If not please mark the order on your proof.
    Do the crossovers line up correctly?
  • Binding:

    Binding holes: Are bindery holes the correct size? In the correct position?
    Pocket folders: Are BC slits in the correct location? Is the pocket shape and size correct?
  • Corrections

    If corrections were requested, have they been made?
    If new corrections are made, be sure to number each change and mark the total on the slip.
    Don’t provide a new file unless absolutely necessary, at this point it’s better to have TigerPress make the final changes.
  • Postal regulations

    Does the project conform to postal regulations?
  • Spelling

    TigerPress does not spell check any projects unless we did the design work. If you haven’t spell checked your file yet, do so now and mark changes on the proof.
  • Clarity

    If anything doesn’t look right on the proof, please mark it. Our prepress staff can zoom in on any detail that may be ambiguous on the proof and make sure it’s correct.