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Interactive Book Spine Calculator

Book spines are the backbone of any text. They hold your pages together and provide the perfect space for additional information, such as the artful marketing trifecta of the book’s name, author, and publisher logo. On the shelf, the spine is sometimes the first thing people see of your book, meaning that a properly set up cover and spine design plays a huge role in your book’s popularity and sales. With the wrong spine and font size, your book risks being too flimsy or awkward to handle, looking unprofessional, and failing to capture the attention of potential readers.

Ensure your book is properly set up with the right spine width and font size by using our interactive book spine calculator. Our spine calculator is free, accurate, and simple to use—all you have to do is input the number of pages your book includes and the paper type you want to use. You can get all your essential spinal information within seconds. Spine widths calculated are based on the average thickness of common paper stocks.

However, please note that our spine thickness calculator is only suitable for standard perfect bound books. Sewn or specialty bindings require a blank sample from the bindery. If you require a specialty paper, please consult with us before designing your cover so we can guarantee the best setup for you.

Book binds affect multiple aspects of a book, from a reader’s interactions with it to its functionality and aesthetic. Guarantee you receive the perfect bind with our book spine calculator. You can calculate all that you’ll need to bring your book together, from the spine width to the maximum font size. Although the text is the star of the show, every aspect of your book design matters and will influence your publishing success.

Get calculating and set your book up for success with TigerPress. With the right spine, you are bound to capture the attention of many.

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