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Direct Mail

direct mail advertising

TigerPress offers direct mail services and consultation for small and large businesses, with over 35 years of experience in printing and mailing services which include mailing lists and personalization.

We create, print, and deliver effective direct mail campaigns to help you and your business connect with your customers. Don’t overspend on your marketing campaigns and use our convenient online ordering system to save on time, money, and headaches.

Some of our direct mail services:

  • Mailing campaigns
  • Mailers
  • Postcards
  • USPS bulk mail
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • And much more

Our MAILMAX system helps make your direct mail more efficient!

Our MailMax system is designed to be simple and easy. Just asking a few simple questions about your business and your goals will determine the best direct mail marketing campaign to fit your business’s needs and budget. We will also provide recommendations to help you move forward. The principle behind our MailMax system is to maximize your ROI and get you on your way quickly and easily. Our staff will work with you to manage your direct mail campaigns from concept to doorstep.

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Direct Mail Made Easy!

We specialize in direct mail services for small to mid-size companies that have limited time and capital to invest in marketing projects. Direct mail marketing has been growing in recent years as study after study show direct mail has a higher ROI (return on investment) than online advertising offers our clients “professional services” through targeted direct mail campaigns.

We recognize the challenges that small and mid-size companies face with sales and marketing. Our print and mail services are meant to be an easy and affordable marketing solution for many businesses.

Our success depends on your success. If you would like more information regarding our direct mail advertising, please visit our contact page or simply call our Direct Mail Services department at 413-224-2100.

Increase your ROI with Personalization

Personalize your mail campaign with unique offers to grab the attention of your audience. We all find a significant amount of “junk mail” in our mailboxes daily and it normally ends up right in the trash. Personalized mailers that grab attention are not getting discarded upon arrival like most junk mail. We can help you design a direct mail campaign directed toward your audience and with unique features. A personalized direct mail campaign will increase your ROI (return on investment) 3-fold.

Do it right for better results!

Direct mail campaigns date back to the 1800s and it was not considered the fashionable marketing tool by any means. Fast forward and not too long ago many young executives were switching from all direct mail campaigns to online and social media marketing. It did not take long however to realize the results from direct mail marketing are superior to most of the online marketing options alone. Today direct mail marketing is used alongside online marketing and social media efforts and the popularity of direct mail is growing!

It is important to make direct mail part of your overall marketing campaign. We can help you create an approach where you can measure your efforts and optimize your results. Here are some helpful facts to consider when planning a marketing campaign:

• Direct mail that creates a simple decision path with limited copy is always best.

• Personalizing your offer and adding color can improve the response rate by over 130%.

• Direct mail response rate is 51% (compared to 0.6% email, 0.2% online display or 0.4% social media).

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