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Digital Printing

Simply put, short run printing—also known as small run printing—is a printing method where a print shop produces only a small quantity of items. The term “short run” typically refers to a production quantity that ranges from 1 piece to 5000 pieces. This printing method is best for businesses or individuals who require a limited number of printed items that require frequent revisions, changes or personalization including books, brochures, business cards, or any other printed materials.

What’s so revolutionary about short run printing, is that it makes creating and printing custom-branded items more accessible for smaller businesses. This gives them a chance to get a leg up on the competition in terms of marketing and brand awareness.

TigerPress offers a wide range of digital printing for short-run or quick-turnaround projects in our secured print facility. Our digital solutions combine advanced technologies and capabilities to deliver personalized solutions and services that fulfill the business, marketing, and print needs of all of our clients.

  • Digital Printing benefits

Digital printing is ideal for short run projects or personalized mailers, and generally offers a faster turnaround time than conventional offset printing. TigerPress offers a wide range of digital printing options from small brochures and booklets to large indoor and outdoor signs.

  • Security

We offer secure printing for controlled financial as well as sensitive data for mailing projects. Our production staff has been vetted to handle this data and our system is set up to meet the highest standards of security. Sample projects we’ve produced range from state retirement mailings to classified government documents.

  • Variable data

We can help you create a personalized marketing piece with ease. With the use of variable data, we can help you send different targeted messages to everyone on your mail list. From simple mailers to complex forms, with the use of variable data, we will help ensure the right information gets to the proper person, every time.

TigerPress Digital specializes in:

  • Newsletter
  • Marketing Materials Presentation Materials
  • Sell Sheets and Flyers
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs and Booklets
  • Brochures and Pamphlets
  • Direct Mail Pieces and Postcards
  • Short Run Book Printing
  • Personalize Printing and Mailing
  • Much More

Benefits of Short Run Printing

In recent years, short run printing has become increasingly popular due to several factors. One major factor is the rise of e-commerce and online marketplaces. With more individuals and small businesses selling products online, there’s a greater demand for small quantities of printed materials, such as packaging labels, product inserts, and promotional materials. This is also a great tool for materials which need to be updated frequently.

One of the most significant advantages of short run printing is its cost-effectiveness for smaller quantities. Traditional printing methods like offset printing involve a lot of prepress preparation, including creating plates and setting up the press, which can be expensive. These costs spread over the entire run in traditional printing, making it more cost-effective for larger runs. In contrast, short run printing, often done digitally, doesn’t require such extensive setup, making it more affordable for smaller quantities.

Another advantage of short run printing is the speed of production. As there’s less setup involved, the turnaround time can be much faster than traditional printing methods. This makes short run printing a great option for businesses or individuals who need their printed materials quickly.

Additionally, short run printing allows for more flexibility in design changes. Since you’re printing in smaller batches, it’s easier to make changes to the design without wasting a large number of already printed items. This is especially beneficial for businesses that frequently update their marketing materials or authors who want to make changes to their books after receiving feedback.

Call 413-224-2100 or email info@tigerpress.com for more information about digital printing, or speak with a sales rep to request a quote.

Digital Equipment

Equipment we use

  • Canon 10000 Color Production System

  • Canon 9000 Color Production System

  • Canon 1125 B&W Production System

  • HP Scitex FB550 UV Sign Maker

  • HP DesignJet Latex 365 Large Format Printer

  • Graphtec FC 8600-130 Cutting Plotter

  • Vision VR48 CNC Router

  • Therm-o-type RDC-FLEX Rotary Die Cutter

  • SEAL 62Pro Laminator

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hp hybirid signmaker tigerpress

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