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Brochure Template Creator

Design the perfect blueprint for your brochure with our online brochure template creator. This easy-to-use, free, and quick-solution template generator can give you the basic outline for your brochure, determining where each panel and fold will go. With a sketch of your brochure’s blueprint, you can streamline your design process, maintain a consistent brand image, and guarantee a functional and aesthetic brochure. Using templates eliminates any guesswork and variability that can lead to multiple setbacks, from ineligible design layouts to additional costs on brochure replacements.

How To Use the Template Generator

Generating your brochure template is easy with our online brochure template creator. You simply input your preferred number of panels, type of folds, height and width, paper stock, and safety margin sizes. Once you’ve input the data into the generator, you’ll have your downloadable and printable brochure template in seconds.

Understanding Different Fold Types

Choosing the right fold for your brochure isn’t just a matter of aesthetics—it’s a strategic decision that can enhance the reader’s experience. A well-chosen fold complements the narrative you are trying to convey, ensuring that each customer interaction is not only informative but also memorable.

Barrel/Letter Fold

Do you want your brochure to unveil its contents progressively to deliver a connected, fluid experience? If so, the barrel fold, also known as the letter fold, is the way to go. By folding your brochure in thirds, much like a letter, you create a sequence of reveals, guiding your customer through your messaging one panel at a time. The barrel fold is ideal for designs that flow from one section to the next, ensuring that your brand’s story is told in precisely the order you intend.


If engagement and flexibility are at the top of your priority list, the accordion or Z-fold is a better-suited option for your brochure. The accordion fold extends outwards in a zig-zag pattern, allowing for distinct segments on each fold. This method is perfect for brochures that serve as guides or maps, where each fold can represent a different topic or location, allowing the customer to view everything at a glance if needed. The accordion fold breaks information into easily digestible sections.

Create Your Brochure Template

Play around with different template designs to decide which design best suits your needs and brand image. Generate your brochure template with our online brochure template creator today!

Height after folding
Width after folding
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