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Sustainability Policy

At TigerPress, we believe that we have an obligation — to our employees, our vendors, our customers and the environment — to operate our business in a sustainable manner. We seek to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of our operations. We do this through our equipment purchases, choice of materials used in production and our standard operating procedures. We work with our management team to enable employees to contribute to our environmental objectives and to implement this policy.

At TigerPress, we recognize that Sustainability is a key competitive advantage and is becoming increasingly important to achieve success in a global environment. We encourage Sustainability at all levels of the organization, without compromising on quality.

TigerPress is inspired by optimism and this optimism shows through our employees and how they work with company policies to work together in order to leave a small environmental footprint. This inspiration helps us grow sustainably. We believe that motivated people are the basis of corporate sustainability, which allows building a better company. Our company-wide feedback system encourages sustainability with employee participation. Our employees provide important feedback for the company and sustainability.