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UPC Barcode Generator

Universal product codes (UPCs), although they simply seem like a random combination of numbers and lines, are fundamental for efficient inventory management, sales tracking, and data analysis. Much like a fingerprint for every unique product, UPCs serve as essential tools for inventory management, ensuring that your product is accurately accounted for during transit, in stores, and at the point of sale.

By including a UPC, your products become easily trackable and recognizable by retailers worldwide. UPC integration not only streamlines the sales process but also enhances the legitimacy and professionalism of your brand.

Create your product codes with our UPC barcode generator. You can generate and download your products’ UPCs in minutes. Our UPC code generator is free and easy to use. All you need to do on your end is plug in some essential information.

Components of a UPC

UPCs typically consist of 12 key numbers. The first six to nine numbers are your Global Standard 1 identification number, including a numbering system and manufacturing code. The GS1 is a standard that ensures a consistent identification pattern for products, services, and locations globally. It expands on the idea of the UPC, allowing for more precise identification within a multitude of industries. With GS1, every item can be uniquely distinguished not only by its product class but also by variants like size, color, and other attributes.

Following the manufacturing number is your product code assigned from manufacturing. The twelfth and last digit is the checking number. This numerical character is calculated through an algorithm involving the preceding numbers, assuring the integrity of the entire code.

TigerPress UPC Barcode Generator

With our UPC barcode generator, once you input your GS1, manufacturing identification numbers, and product code, the generator will calculate the check number and create your unique barcode. Download, save, and print these official barcodes onto any type of product packaging. You can use our generator multiple times at no cost. Easily create a UPC code with our UPC barcode generator. For additional printing and packaging assistance, contact TigerPress.

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