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Sustainability In Printing

The print industry is one that has been looked at as unsustainable, which is untrue and TigerPress proves that day after day! Sustainable printing practices can be more cost-effective than traditional practices and you can expect the same high-quality products that you expect from traditional printing practices. Green printing reduces waste, eliminates harmful chemicals, and protects the environment from further harm. There are many things that TigerPress does to make our practices more sustainable. Starting with the fact that 70% of our energy ... Read more

Sustainability In Printing2023-11-01T12:58:01-04:00
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What certifications should I look for when selecting a company to print with?

With so many choices and options at your fingertips today, finding the ‘right’ company to work with can become a cumbersome task. Since there always seems to be something important on the line when it comes to printing, let’s highlight 3 certifications that ALL printers you do business with should have. 1. ISO 9001 Certification. Are high quality standards and accountability important to you? If so, demand an active ISO 9001 certification for your printer. It’s globally recognized, with an emphasis of continuous ... Read more

What certifications should I look for when selecting a company to print with?2022-02-14T08:48:51-05:00
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