If you are a regular print buyer and would like to know when you can get a bargain on printing, this article is for you. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect days to kick off a shopping season, and this article will help you get the most out of your print budget and help you plan a time line. With printing, timing is everything!

Printing presses are large and expensive machinery which need to run around the clock to pay for their keep. Most commercial printers run at least two shifts during the week and additional shifts on weekends. Some presses run 24/7 and it is not practical to shut them down. An experienced crew is needed to run the presses, along with an experienced support staff. The best option for a printng company is to keep the presses running. Therefore, printers may offer incentives and discounts during slow periods to keep the presses rolling.

The printing industry is very busy during the holiday season as many companies have calendars and other year end marketing materials printed during this time. Summer is also a very busy time for printers. As the season changes to fall, deadlines become tighter right into the holiday season. Most customers plan to get everything done in preparation for the New Year. During the holidays, many employees and customers take time off for a vacation. This, coupled with some snow days, can create an opportunity for open press time right after the New Year.

The presses roll once a proof is approved and signed. This is the opportune time to submit your job early, get the proof approved, and have the printer fit it into the production schedule. When clients do not push for faster turnaround, printers are able to schedule jobs more efficently and keep the presses running.

This is the time to print your marketing materials and get best deals on your printing projects. If you want the most for your money, plan to print in early January. Time line: have your files ready before the holiday and sign the proof by New Year. Also, allowing more time for the printer to get the job done will lead to a better rate. Ask your TigerPress sales rep for assistance to plan this. The larger the print project the higher your discount. Help us keep the presses rolling in January, and TigerPress will help you to stretch your printing budget!