The future of print varies widely depending on who you ask. Some industry experts are very optimistic and expect a revitalization as people come back to print for its power to get their message noticed everywhere from the mailbox to the retail aisle. While others see a potential in specialty services such as personalized direct mail and promotion because it delivers a unique value. The general public wants to know, is print passé?

Common sense suggests that the future of print would be determined by the value it presents and the ability of the printers to communicate such value to their clients and prospects. As the technology advances in the print industry, the creativity greatly expands while the cost decreases. Great marketing is about unique ideas, and how to present our message in the most memorable fashion. Print presents a distinctive opportunity at an extraordinary value for marketing managers who are trying to stand out of the crowd.

Imagine you’re surfing the web and go to a website for the very first time. If the website welcomes you by your name, most would consider that an invasion of your privacy. Our first reaction would be that we are being watched online? On the other hand, if we receive a special offer in the mail addressed to us personally and providing information about something we like, we will indeed be pleasantly surprised and feel special. Print is a specialty item. Print offers a unique value and a great rate of response unmatched by any other marketing tool! I leave you with one last thought; when the TV was first introduced many believed that would be the end of the radio. Today, most of us listen to radio more than we watch TV!