It can seem overwhelming when starting a new direct mail campaign, where should you start, and does direct mail even work anymore? Don’t worry we are here to help you every step of the way, (and yes direct mail works!).

We offer direct mail services for all-size businesses. However, we specialize in services for small to mid-size businesses. We know that small and mid-size businesses face challenges with sales and marketing, and we recognize these challenges and our print and direct mail services are meant to make things easier and more affordable.

Did you know direct mail campaigns date back to the 1800s? While not long ago many young CEOs and marketers were switching from direct mail campaigns to just using online and social media marketing, it did not take long to realize that was not the right move. The results from direct mail marketing are superior to most online marketing options on their own. Today, direct marketing is used alongside online and social media marketing efforts. Adding a personalized direct mail campaign to your marketing plan can increase your ROI (Return On Investment) 3 fold!

So where do you start? Below we will walk you through 10 points to get your direct mail campaign from idea all the way to the mailboxes of your clients and potential clients.

1.       Start With a Plan: Plan 8 weeks out (including design time). This gives you enough time to make sure you’re sending quality campaigns. TigerPress offers FREE consulting on all mail projects.

2.       Define Your Goal and Set Specific Objectives:Make sure to be realistic with your goals. Knowing what you want to get out of your direct mail campaign with help in the design and list setup process. Google or check with your local post office about sizes and postage costs.

3.       Decide on Your Target Audience: You should hopefully have a clear idea of your target customer profile. Knowing your audience/ recipients will help you save on time and money but not sending pieces to uninterested recipients.

4.       Select a Mailing List: Choose a list with your most valuable customers this is a very important step. Do you not know exactly who you should be sending your campaign to? TigerPress can provide you with qualified, accurate mail lists for your prospecting efforts.

5.       Develop a Compelling Message an Offer: Make sure to allow yourself 7-12 business days after proof approval to give your printed enough time to print and mail your piece.

6.       Decide on a Response Action: Make it as easy as possible to respond.

7.       Chose an Envelope and Format: mailers with letters are some of the best performers and always outperform postcards and ads.

8.       Design Your Mailer: The goal of your envelope is to get your mailer opened. Use quality envelopes. Your design should support your message and call to action. Most people have developed an eye to spot “junk mail”, that is why you want a design that has unique features that make it stand out and look different than all the “junk” pieces in the mail, and we can help with that.

9.       Print, Address, and Mail: Once you’ve printed your mailing materials, make sure you have the right amount of postage. Envelope with regular stamps, not bulk stamps; they are not likely to be opened. TigerPress utilizes the BEST resources and has the ability to get you the most economical postage rates.

10.   Measure and Analyze

25% of consumers are still more comfortable receiving ads via direct mail and catalogs than from TV, radio, websites, or social media. According to 2021 LoopMe data (via Insider Intelligence). The brand recall on direct mail is 75%, where email brand recall is only 44%.  Your mailings, if used strategically and incorporate best practices, can reach a welcoming audience.

TigerPress offers the best advances in printing, paper, and ink technology that can help you create dazzling mailings, and the postcard is still the workhorse of the direct mail industry. Now, though, a “First Class” size upgrade can make it even more desirable!

Print is not dead! Give us a call and get your next direct mail campaign started today!