Packaging your product is as important as the product itself. The right package will protect your product and make a good presentation to the consumer. A Folding Carton is an environmentally friendly option for the packaging of many products. It can also assist you in branding and marketing your products and help buyers choose your brand when they are ready to buy. Folding Cartons are popular items on supermarket shelves and can be manufactured using a variety of printed finishes and structural designs. A well designed carton with premium appearance and distinctive shelf presence helps your products to “pop” in a busy supermarket or department store environment. In this short article we will review some of the most popular folding carton designs.

The Seal End style carton is used for a variety of products. It is used for frozen food, cookie boxes, over-thecounter medications, and much more. Both ends of the carton are securely sealed after the product has been loaded in on the filling line. Additional features may be added to this design, such as a tear strip for ease in opening and a re-closure feature for consumers’ convenience at home. This is a cost effective option for high volume products.

The Tuck End style carton has two basic design styles, the Reverse Tuck and the Straight Tuck. This is a classic retail packaging carton which is versatile with a high level of functionality. Tucks may have either friction fit or shore locks for a more secure closure. The reverse tuck carton can be nested on a press sheet to save the cost of material, while straight tuck cannot. The straight tuck has a more enhanced shelf appearance. There are optional hang tabs which allow both styles to hang, as well as custom designed compartments with partitions to help secure and separate products. Tuck end cartons are suitable for automatic and also manual assembly for a variety of products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and golf balls.

The Auto Bottom Tuck Top style carton is a favorite for both fully automated and less or non-automated production lines. This style carton has a fully glued bottom when it arrives at your production facility. By applying slight pressure to opposite corners of the glued carton the structure will erect and the base will lock into place. At this point your product may be loaded into the erected carton and the tuck top closed into position. The auto bottom cartons can have the same features as tuck end cartons like friction locks, slit locks, one of many different tongue lock styles, as well as a hang tab option. These style cartons are used for baking products, instruments, and many other products.

Simplex Trays as well as four and six corner Biers Cartons are among folding carton options for wider products. These style cartons are mostly used for paper products, baked goods, and frozen food. Four and Six Pack Beverage Carriers are directed towards the beverage market, but can be creatively used for other product presentations. These style cartons not only lend themselves to enhanced shelf presence, but also ease in carrying your products to the register.

There are also various dispensing and windowing options that can enhance just about any style cartons. The styles mentioned above are simple and popular cartons which can be modified and custom designed to fit any particular needs. The TigerPress team can help you with the structural design best suited for your product. When it comes to packaging, we can make a difference and help your merchandise stand above your competitors. Cartons can provide intelligent packaging solutions for your brand and help consumers choose your products over the competition. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry cartons with integral electronics can make the carton “talk” to and interact with the consumer. A well designed and attractive carton can make a substantial difference in the sale of your products.

TigerPress has won various awards for our print and packaging designs; challenge us to do the same for you. Call us today at 413-224-2100 to set up a visit for a free consultation. We can help you design a folding carton that is right for your product, and will make your merchandise fly off the shelves faster than your competitor’s.