Whether your business sells online and ships to your customers or you have a brick and mortar store that your customer shops directly from you need to think about your packaging. Have you taken into consideration the different packaging needs you have? It is an important decision and we are here to help.


Corrugated cartons, also known as master cartons, are used predominantly for the storage and shipment of products. Corrugated is comprised of 3 layers of paper; 2 liner boards and a fluted medium. This is what gives corrugated its strength. 

Different tests of paper and varying flute sizes can be used to alter the carton’s durability.

 Corrugated boxes are most commonly blank or have minimal printing. They can also be wrapped with a full color printed sheet (or vinyl) which will act as both branded product cartons and also shipping boxes. The most common style of corrugated box is the RSC (Regular Slotted Carton). These rectangular boxes are the most efficient way to pack and stack products on pallets and transport them from manufacturer to wholesaler, or directly to retail and storefront locations.


Paperboard cartons which we refer to as folding cartons, also known as inner cartons, are used predominantly for lighter weight products. 

They are normally printed with a logo, branding, and any other product information. Think of cosmetics, food products, beverage carriers, and packs, etc.

 The advantage of paperboard is the superior printing and advertising capabilities that come with commercial printing. These packages are usually shipped via corrugated cartons.

Our talented team of packaging experts are here to work with you to make the decision between corrugated and paperboard, to help you make a lasting impression.