Part 4 of 4

We conclude our series by looking at how to attract and follow-up on show leads. The whole point of exhibiting is to generate leads. There is plenty that you can do before and after the show to increase the quantity and quality of the leads that you get. Don’t overlook these important steps.

Step 1.   Plan For Promotion and Follow-up

Pre-show Promotion. What will encourage your best prospects to attend the show and look for your booth? Don’t leave anything to chance. Consider combining email, direct mail, contests, deals and new announcements for maximum impact. Many shows will be glad to sell you a list of attendees. Use your own list of customers and prospects. And consider purchasing a targeted list of prospects.



TigerPress can provide you with a targeted list of business or consumer mailing addresses and execute a direct mail campaign to complement your email outreach.

Lead Follow-up. Assign one person to manage this important role. How will you collect lead information at the show? Some shows will provide software to do this. Who will follow-up and when? Will you contact leads during the show to get them to come back? After the show? Both? How will you engage potential decision-makers after hours during the show? These are the opportunities you’ve worked so hard to create. Make it fun to engage with your sales team!



Trade shows and conferences are a tremendous opportunity to promote your organization. They also require a large investment of time and money. With careful planning and the support of your staff and vendors you can be sure to get the best return on your investment. Depend on TigerPressto be a reliable vendor who will help you make your next show a success.