Twenty years ago, broadcast was king. Since then, there has been an explosion in the availability of information. From small businesses and non-profits to fortune 500’s, promotional products are a guaranteed way to make a positive impact. While promotional products shouldn’t be the whole advertising campaign they can yield a return on investment beyond most marketing strategies, and they provide a high amount of recall. Offering a guaranteed way to get your brand into the hands of your customers.

Promotional products are an incredibly powerful marketing tool as they allow a brand to connect with consumers by engaging their senses this allows consumers to interact with the brand on a physical level. If they can see it and touch it, it is most likely available as a promotional product and can be customized to fit your target demographic. What better way to connect with consumers at events than with promotional products? 

Promotional products are ranked among the most effective form of advertising across all generations. People are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products than just internet advertising. They allow people to see your brand and remember you, for example, you hand out a promotional flash drive that has your brand logo on it and contact information. Every time it is used, your customer will instantly be reminded of your business, products, and services. Businesses that use promotional items increase their likelihood of being remembered by customers.

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