What is package branding?

Most products come packaged in a folding carton. They not only protect your products on the store shelves, during transit, and in storage, but they also give you a canvas for conveying your brand message. This is because folding cartons can be printed on using custom colors, textures, and finishes that best reflect the look and feel of your brand.

Pop display box for coffee

Packaging branding is very important. Your product boxes are often the first and only thing that potential customers see before making a purchasing decision. That is why consistency across your brand is important because you don’t want potential customers wondering if a product, they are looking at is part of your brand or another. This is where custom packaging can help. Branded packaging extends the customer experience. Receiving a purchase in high-quality custom printed boxes shows that your company cares about more than money, but also about creating a considerate, consistent experience as well as valuing their customers.

Tips For Branded Packaging

There is a lot that goes into creating attractive, high-quality product boxes, here are some tips to get started.

  • Clearly define your brand identity

Start with your brand story. What is the reason your brand/ company exists? What is the origin story of the company/ brand? These are questions to as when starting a successful packaging journey. Without knowing what your brand is about you won’t know the kind of customer you appeal to the most. I can take 5-7 impressions for a consumer to develop brand awareness. This is why it is important to incorporate your logo and other parts of your brand guidelines into your product box design to make it more recognizable to potential clients. Knowing your brand’s customer demographic makes for the most successful brand packaging.

Custom two-time cosmetic packaging

Now that you have figured out your brand identity, use it to guide your choice of product packaging. Let your target audience guide your choices. Working with industry professionals who know product packaging, can help make sure your product boxes stay on brand.

  • Maintain consistency across the brand

Whether starting a new company/ brand or adding a new product, getting creative, or trying something new. That is okay, branching out is not always a bad thing. Make sure customers should be able to easily recognize. Make sure a thread of consistency runs through all of your packaging. This might be your font, logo placement container shape, or colors. Color is one of the most powerful elements of your brand guidelines. Choosing elements that will remain the same provides a sense of grounding for your brand and potential customers.

Seal end branded packaging

  • Is your branded packaging sending the right message?

This is one of the most important parts of branded packaging. Your branding translates into your custom-printed product boxes and sends a message to your potential customers. Is the right message being sent?

Here at TigerPress we make high-quality custom-printed boxes for a variety of industries. With 35+ years of experience in the packaging industry. We are here and ready to help you choose the right packaging for your products and keep you on brand.