Keeping up with the latest direct mail requirements can save postage costs and assure a smooth mailing process. The USPS makes changes to these requirements periodically. Postage is often higher than the printing cost itself. Working with a knowledgeable mailing house can be a great advantage in getting your message out on time and on budget. Planning should begin during the design phase. Your graphic artist should work closely with the mail house to create a piece that meets all USPS requirements. The designer can bring a mock up of the mailer to the post office and have it checked for USPS requirements.

Size Matters

It is all about size! Confirm that the size of your mailer also meets post office regulations. Here are some things to consider: a better rate applies if the direct mail piece width is larger than the height; a rectangular shape is best and a square shape will cost more for postage; there are size and thickness specifications; and, the relationship of the fold to the address panel is very important. The mailing panel must always be approved before it gets printed.

Classes of Mail

Each class of mail features different service levels, postage prices, and presort requirements. First-class mail, standard mail, and periodical mail are some examples of the classes that are available. The USPS website has information pertaining to the different classes.

Non-Profit Mailing

The US Post Office provides large discounts for non-profit organizations. You must register your non-profit status with the post office and be approved in advance of your mailing. You can find USPS form 3624 on our website. Please note that a non-profit mailing certification number is different from the non-profit organization number.

Choose the right paper for your Direct Mail

TigerPress inkjet equipment can imprint on most coated and uncoated stocks including those varnished or aqueous coated. However, it is recommended that you knock out the mailing panel and do not put any coating in this area. UV coatings must have an imprint area knocked out as well.

Direct Mail Marketing

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service offered by the USPS for targeting specific neighborhoods, businesses, and residential addresses. This is an inexpensive option for mailing flats, catalogs or booklets. Go to the USPS website for details. Direct mail is a powerful tool and has the ability to get your message into the right hands. A quality piece is eye catching. Adding an offer with a deadline can create a faster response and motivate someone to take advantage of any special offers.

TigerPress is a one stop solution for direct mail marketing and fulfillment. Our staff can assist you from start to finish, including delivering your job to the post office. Impress your customers with a high quality direct marketing piece that makes your company shine above the competition. Contact a representative before you begin your campaign or go to for more information.