Which is Better for the Environment?


Most people are under the impression that digital has no negative or noticeable impact on the environment! This is not true, nor is it true that printing has destroyed most forests around the world. This is a much larger and deeper discussion than would fit into a one page article. However, we can discuss a few topics which you may not have known about, or you may not have considered in the past.

Have you read about how much power it takes to energize the search engines, and where this power is generated? Do you know what happens to your computer after you are done with it? Computers are not easily recyclable! Computers are made from non-renewable natural resources, and end up in electronic junkyards after they are obsolete, and they become obsolete very quickly!

On the other hand, paper is made from renewable raw materials, and over 67% of it is recycled after use. Only 33% of the raw material for the paper comes from harvested trees for the sole purpose of papermaking. Another fact to consider is that for every tree harvested in the USA, we plant 3 new trees in place of it. Forest industry and paper manufacture depend on the forests, and they make sure they take care of it. Digital industries are very hot these days and the more you feel good about them, the higher their sales, stock values, and profit. If you are interested in learning more about this and knowing the facts, ask us for a copy of “Go Green on Your Next Print.”