Do you like the ease and convenience of online ordering combined with the personalized benefits of local shopping? Look no further, TigerPress has the right solution.

Branded Ordering Site

Example of a Branded Ordering Site

The growing popularity and ease of online ordering have led us to offer customized and private ordering sites for our valued clients. We can include all of your corporate requirements for ordering limits and budgets, we will seek authorization when appropriate and follow all your business guidelines.

Branded Ordering Site

example of the multiple functions of a branded ordering site

We offer to our customers or soon-to-be customers online branded ordering sites.  These sites take the hassle away from the customer freeing up their time to perform their intended duties.  The sites save them time and money.  You will be able to simply browse through your marketing materials, forms, catalogs, or promotional items and we can ship their premium items along with their printed collateral all in the same package while using their supplied shipping number saving any markup that would normally be charged for freight.  It’s like having one of their employees working within our building.

branded ordering site

example of promotional apparel branded prdering site

To get started we evaluate the customers’ needs and their current process of distributing literature and premium items to the field. Most companies have had their workforce thinned or they now are working from home which hampers their ability to do this. The admins who fulfilled requests are no longer there. By using TigerPress our customers’ valuable floor space is freed up, and you will be able to make changes on the fly.

branded ordering site

example of printed material branded ordering site

The information needs to set up a branded ordering site follows:

  • How many products (sku’s) do they have, both for literature and premium items?
  • Are logins and passwords required?
  • What reposts are required?
  • Who can have access to their ordering site?
  • What reports are required?
  • Is there a gatekeeper that controls ordering?
  • In what amounts can items be ordered?
  • How will items be packaged? (Amounts per pack)
  • What is their preferred method of shipping?
  • Can they supply a shipping number?
  • What type of billing is required?


Printed collateral either supplied or produced by TigerPress along with any premium items supplied or ordered by TigerPress can go on the site.

The customers simply have an extra pair of hands by using TigerPress.

How it works:

  1. Let’s Connect: Give us a call and we will set up a meeting to introduce ourselves so we can get to know how you like to do business. We will also drill into the details of the projects and how we can help you meet your goals.
  2. Building Your Portal: Start with standard brand-approved products and move on to customized items for your team and customers.
  3. Development: Our team will develop a custom online portal for your company based on your requirements.
  4. Set to Launch: This is when you can add your users’ accounts and give your team access. This will allow you decided who can place orders and up to what value.

Reach out to TigerPress today to get your branded ordering site started today!