Distinguishing your products from competitors is the key to success. If you want your product to shine, use custom product boxes and put your business in the spotlight.

5 Types of Custom Product Boxes To Consider For Your Business

Whether you’re running a startup or a well-established enterprise, never underestimate the power of thoughtful, well-designed product packaging. Let’s explore the different types of custom product boxes you should consider for your business to help you find the perfect match for your unique brand.

Corrugated Boxes

These boxes are known for their fluted inner layer sandwiched between two outer layers to provide excellent protection for products. They ideal for shipping heavy or fragile items, ensuring they reach customers in perfect condition.

With custom printing options, you can transform sturdy boxes into striking showcases for your brand. Use minimalist designs with your logo and company name, or create to vibrant, full-color illustrations that capture your ethos. The possibilities are endless!

Rigid Boxes

As their name suggests, rigid boxes are strong and sturdy construction. They’re the go-to packages for high-end products, including luxury watches, premium cosmetics, jewelry, and electronic gadgets.

You can choose from various coatings, finishes, and printing techniques to create rigid boxes that perfectly mirror your brand’s aesthetic, be it a simple, embossed logo, a sophisticated foil stamp, or a dazzling metallic finish.

Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes have self-locking tabs that protect your products during transit. They are lightweight, reducing delivery costs, while their flat design makes storage a breeze.

You can take advantage of the extensive custom printing options, ranging from clean and simple monochrome designs to elaborate and vibrant full-color prints. Whether you emblazon your logo, include social media handles, or tell a visual story of your brand, these boxes are great marketing tools that land right in your customer’s hands.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-cut custom boxes combine creativity and adaptability. These boxes are crafted with precision cutting technology, so you can shape them to fit your product like a glove. Whatever your items’ size, shape, or complexity, die-cut boxes can match them perfectly.

The flexibility of die-cutting also allows for unique and intriguing box designs that set your brand apart from others in your industry. With ample room for custom graphics and vibrant prints, die-cut packages offer a unique unboxing experience that leaves customers feeling excited about receiving your products.

Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes have a sliding sleeve over a sturdy tray to provide an unboxing experience akin to unwrapping a gift. As your customers slide open the sleeve, the anticipation builds until they see the product nestled inside the tray. These boxes are perfect for luxury items, boutique products, and special edition releases.

Sleeves also offer a broad canvas for your branding. You can add high-quality prints on the sleeve and the tray, like an elegant design with your logo or a bold pattern that embodies your brand.

These are just a few custom product boxes to consider for your business. Tigerpress has a vast array of custom product boxes, so you’ll receive unique packaging for your products and show off your brand.