Eco Friendly Printing at TigerPress

TigerPress recognizes that our planet is our most valuable resource. Our green printing initiatives integrate environmental protection and sustainability into our core business mission. As an FSC® Certified (Forest Stewardship Council®) printer, we participate in a Chain-of-Custody system which insures paper products are manufactured in a responsible manner from responsibly managed forests.

Visit the FSC® web site to learn more about Chain of Custody.

TigerPress is pleased to offer a range of environmentally friendly printing options, including soy based inks, and recycled papers, both coated and uncoated, from Mohawk, StoraEnso, and Lindenmeyr Munroe.

mohawk eco friendly paper

Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. Generic Green-e Approved Attributions:

  • Process-Chlorine-Free Mohawk Options 100%
  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber
  • Manufactured with 100% Green-e Certified Renewable Wind-Generated Electricity
  • Usage is tracked by the Environmental Department, creating a paper trail of environmental responsibility
eco freindly soy ink

Enviromental Benefits of Soy Based Ink:

  • Soy inks create rich, vivid color that "pop" off the page
  • Soy inks helps prevent pollution (low in VOC's, or Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Soy inks are a safe, sustainable, and renewable resource
  • Soy inks promotes paper recycling (they are more easily stripped from paper during the de-inking / recycling process than petroleum inks)
  • Soy inks creates less waste on press (they remain more stable throughout the printing process so there are fewer 'rejects’ at the end of the print run)
chemical free plating

Reducing our 'Footprint'

Since 1985, TigerPress has been employing the following tactics and strategies to assure environmentally responsible printing practices:

  • Reduction of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and plant emissions
  • Recycling solvents: Minimization of hazardous waste ink and solvents through a program of recycling and conservation
  • Press wetting agents based on non-toxic citric acid and gum arabic, which is entirely non-polluting
  • Significantly reduced paper waste in printing and binding operations through greater efficiency and changes in equipment
  • Recycling of all suitable paper waste from the production process, including corrugated paper and cardboard
  • Recycling of wood products, such as pallets and off-cuts
  • Metal recycling including all aluminum plating materials



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